I had a feeling it wouldn’t be long before Daisy started asking tough questions. She’s a pretty bright, thoughtful kid. Here is how our conversation went today before nap…

D: Mama, when is the Ezra’s tube going to go away?

It’s not going to go away, Daisy. Baby brother will always have it.

D: Why does he have to have it?

It is to help him eat. Remember how we talked about how Ezra was born with weak muscles? You have strong muscles, and mommy and daddy have strong muscles, but Ezra’s muscles are not strong, and so this tube will help him.

D: Did I have a tube when I was a baby?

No, honey. You never had a tube. You have very strong muscles.

D: Can baby brother stand?

No. Baby brother can’t stand.

D: He’ll stand when he’s a big boy, like me- right?

No, honey. Baby brother will never be able to stand.

D: Well- when he’s big like Daddy he can stand, right?

<my heart breaking at this point>

No, my girl… hopefully baby brother grows to be big like you- and if he does, he will use a wheelchair. Like Oliver the Orange pony <<a character from a story I made up>>. Oliver uses a wheel chair because his legs did not work when he was born. Ezra would use a wheel chair too.

D: Does Ezra use a wheelchair now?

No, he still uses his car seat and the stroller.

D: Well- when Ezra uses his wheelchair, I can stroll him around, right?

Yes… that sounds like a good job for a big sister.

Oh, my Daisy girl…