A    Adam

B     Bear Bear (Aka: Karen)

C     Chocolate

D     Daisy

E     Ezra

F     Family and Friends (near and far)

G     Generosity of  spirit

H     my incredible Husband

I     Ice cream

J     Jen and Jocelyn (and all the cousins)

K     Kara and her meal coordination

L     Laughter

M    Mimi

N     Naptime

O     Our new home

P     Papa

Q   Quilts

R     Really amazing pediatrician- Dr. Kammerer

S     Simple joys- like kissing Ezra’s dimple and singing with Daisy

T     Thai food

U     Uncle Rich and Aunt Vicki

V     Visitors from near and far

W     Words of encouragement

X     X-rays and modern science that will hopefully someday cure this disease

Y     YOU- thank you for reading my blog and for keeping our family in your thoughts

Z     Zinnias

Wishing you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving…